Analytics can help students succeed

We collaborate with partners to deliver the right data at the right time to take the right steps to support all students.

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The College Roadmap Series

How do we communicate to students and their families how ready they are for the next step in their educational trajectory?

EA engaged in a lengthy user-centered design process, with multiple rounds of interviews, usability testing, and feedback sessions.

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Our Partners

We work with the largest education systems in the country, small districts brought together through regional offices of education, state departments of education, leading research institutions and universities, charter management organizations, and fellow non-profit organizations. In each partnership, we bring what we’ve learned across our partners to co-build the right solution. We enjoy collaborating with these organizations to support the success of the millions of students they serve.

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Beyond test scores: How one educator preparation program is improving students' attendance

We analyzed how New York City teachers from the Relay Graduate School of Education influenced students’ attendance. We found that Relay teachers had positive, statistically significant impacts on students’ attendance, especially for students from historically marginalized backgrounds.