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We collaborate with partners to deliver the right data at the right time to take the right steps to support all students.

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Ed-Fi Infrastructure

What are the first steps to building a robust statewide data infrastructure that ensures local flexibility?

Prioritizing district perspectives, engaging in deep data governance, and a spirit of collaboration are key to success.

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our partners

We work with the largest education systems in the country, small districts brought together through regional offices of education, state departments of education, leading research institutions and universities, charter management organizations, and fellow non-profit organizations. In each partnership, we bring what we’ve learned across our partners to co-build the right solution. We enjoy collaborating with these organizations to support the success of the millions of students they serve.

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Illustration highlighting Reporting & Dashboards, one of EA’s four areas of expertise that focuses on intuitive, user-center reporting systems and dashboards that support continuous school improvement.

Introducing Podium, an Ed-Fi enabled set of common dashboards to support school and district decision making

The amount of data generated by schools and school districts continues to grow and it is a challenge to bring together all of those data in a manner that informs timely action. Our latest product, Podium, empowers schools and school districts with actionable data to help better serve students, families, and staff. In this blog, we describe how Podium helps to deliver the right data at the right time.