Education Analytics Announces Commitment to Connected Data to Support Students and Teachers

Education Analytics has earned the Ed-Fi Alliance’s ODS/ API Platform Badge

April 8, 2021 – MADISON, Wisconsin – Education Analytics, a mission-driven non-profit that uses data and analytics to improve outcomes for students and the education system, announced today that they are the latest recipients of the Ed-Fi Managed ODS/API Platform Badge. This badge validates Education Analytics as a trusted partner for providing the Ed-Fi Operational Data Store and API (ODS/API) as a robust Software as a Service (SaaS) product offering.

This recognition highlights that Education Analytics is a key partner in the collaborative Ed-Fi movement to support data integration and use at scale for education agencies of all sizes. Product offerings recognized by the Managed ODS/API Platform Badge provide a valuable option to have a partner like Education Analytics build or upgrade, manage, and support Ed-Fi implementation for a local or state education agency on a cloud platform via a subscription model. Any state or local education agency that is exploring Ed-Fi technologies or investigating how to get started with Ed-Fi can rely on the Ed-Fi badge to indicate which vendors have been vetted and proven to successfully support an effective Ed-Fi implementation.

Education Analytics is standing up a multi-tenant Ed-Fi ODS/API for the South Carolina State Department of Education and multiple single-tenant ODS/APIs for local education agencies that are part of California’s CORE Data Collaborative. These different implementations allow each education agency to have its own separate and secure ODS/API, and will securely and seamlessly connect local educational data source systems to data warehouse and analytics engines that can be used to provide data-driven insights and inform decisions at multiple levels of the educational ecosystem.

“Equity is a buzzword unless it is accompanied by action,” said Daniel Ralyea, Director, Research & Data Analysis for the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE). “Working with EA as a trusted partner allows SCDE to provide an element of data equity with an Ed-Fi ODS across every district in South Carolina.”

The Ed-Fi Badging program requires solution providers to demonstrate that they have integrated key elements of the Ed-Fi Technology Suite into their product offerings to better support education agencies who use Ed-Fi technologies. The Managed ODS/API Platform Badge is one of four badges introduced to the Ed-Fi Partner Program in June 2020, in addition to the API Consumer, API Provider, and ODS Platform Consumer badges. The Managed ODS/API Platform Badge designates a partner’s ability to meet a stringent list of criteria, including the ability to provide a product with a recent and full version of the Ed-Fi ODS/API, offered on a cloud platform, available by subscription, and with at least three unique and active education agency customers.

“Education Analytics has been a long-standing thought partner and contributor to the Ed-Fi Alliance’s efforts to achieve true data interoperability in the field of education,” said Cesare Tise, Manager, Strategic Partnerships for the Ed-Fi Alliance. “By obtaining the Managed ODS/API Platform Badge, EA has taken the next step to officially demonstrate their expertise and proven track record to meet the needs of both local and state education agencies as they tackle their biggest data obstacles. We are eager to see EA continue to innovate with Ed-Fi and serve as an early adopter of Ed-Fi solutions to support the agencies they partner with.”

About Education Analytics

Since its founding as a non-profit in 2013, Education Analytics has partnered with more than 300 districts and more than 25 states to conduct research and develop rigorous analytics that support actionable solutions and drive continuous improvement in American education. Education Analytics works with the largest education systems in the country, small districts brought together by regional offices of education and collaboratives, state departments of education, leading research institutions and universities, charter management organizations, and fellow non-profit organizations. At any given time, Education Analytics supports more than 20 projects across the country and stores tens of millions of student records.

About The Ed-Fi Alliance

The Ed-Fi Alliance is a nationwide community of leading educators, technologists, and data advocates connecting student data systems in order to transform education. A not-for-profit organization founded in 2012, by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Ed-Fi aims to boost student achievement by empowering educators with real-time, comprehensive insight into every student.

Ed-Fi technologies streamline data management in school districts and states across the country. By allowing schools to integrate data previously siloed within disconnected tools and software—and organizing it through a single, secure data standard —Ed-Fi solves one of the country’s most perplexing educational challenges: how to get a complete, accurate view of individual student achievement, so that every student can receive the support they need when they need it most.