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EA seeks to create a diverse team that reflects the people we serve. We actively work to promote a welcoming environment and foster a sense of belonging for employees of all identities through our policies and programs. The culture at EA is respectful, cooperative, and kind. We want to see our colleagues succeed and employees will frequently reach out to others to check-in and offer support if needed. We recognize that employees enter with differing needs and that a workplace structured with difference in mind better serves all.

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I work with a great group of people. They are very smart, very funny and very generous. We all feel valued and work hard to support the inner workings of EA!

Accountant II

Our Guiding Principles

At EA, we work closely with our partners to illuminate patterns in data that drive change. We believe that the right data and analytics delivered at the right time can help increase equity in education.


Ours is a culture of respect for the exchange of ideas and recognition of what others bring to the table. Partnership is standard operating procedure at EA, both inside our walls and in the world at-large.


Before there can be equality, there must be equity. We use data and analytics to help districts understand what each student needs to be successful.


We are passionate and deeply committed to making the education system work for each and every student. Ambitious? Yes. Worth the effort? 100%.


What we do only matters if we’re doing it to benefit actual humans. So whether we’re talking about intentions, experiences, or outcomes, EA is focused on having a positive, ongoing impact on real people and their daily lives.


We're committed to the continual improvement of not only our analytics, but to our processes, internal culture, and selves. Looking for ways to do better is a foundational part of the culture here at Education Analytics.


We don't do the expedient thing, we do the right thing. That means we hold our qualitative and quantitative inquiries and conclusions to the highest methodological standards.

I like working at EA because of the positive organizational culture, which is both inspiring and motivating to perform my work duties. I love having a voice and sharing ideas that are valued. It’s a very supportive environment where everyone works together to make ideas a reality.

Future Forward Director of Family Engagement


As part of our commitment to growth and supporting employees, EA offers generous benefits and professional development opportunities. As we grow as an organization, we are continuously improving on how to best remain relevant and responsive to staff needs.

Using data to improve education outcomes is the cornerstone of the company and everyone who works here. I have never before encountered so many thoughtful people who are so passionate about such a great mission!

Data Engineer

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