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In this work, EA collaborated with the CORE Districts and Cricket Design Works to design, iteratively develop, and pilot test a set of student- and family- facing reports that school districts can distribute to help improve students’ readiness for college and beyond. This collaboration resulted in the CORE College Roadmap Series, which provides an accurate and holistic snapshot of a student’s progress along their educational trajectory through high school and provides actionable guidance on how to improve their future outcomes.

Project Details

Other Project Partners

  • Cricket Design Works

Students receive the College Roadmap at the beginning of 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. This roadmap reports each student's attendance, grades, and information about their recent classes. Those data are combined using a statistical model to provide each student with a readiness lane, which conveys how ready a student is to succeed in college. Students also receive recommended action steps based on which lane they are in, to help them change gears and move into the next lane.

The College Roadmap also displays the student's progress towards completing courses required for admission to a California State University or University of California (called A–G course requirements), so students know what they need to do in high school in order to graduate college-ready. In addition, the College Roadmap provides information about different colleges and universities that students can attend after high school and includes the average GPA and admission rate of each of these options.

Information Used to Calculate Readiness Lanes

Working on the College Roadmap Project has been a great experience. In other projects I have worked on, the focus of the analytics tends to be schools, districts and programs, but this project focused on helping individual students navigate the educational system. The project brings together research, design, and engineering, making it a dynamic and rewarding project to be a part of.

Chief of Staff & Director of Impact

EA always provided high-quality service and relentless effort to ensure our analytics, design, and engineering needs were met for the College Roadmap series. Starting from the ideation of our College Roadmap Series to the full execution and production of student- and family-facing reports across California, we couldn’t have imagined a better partner than Education Analytics to co-lead this massive endeavor.

CORE Districts

What Lies Ahead

“This project was a big leap forward for EA, as we continue to broaden the scope of education data consumers to be inclusive of teachers, school counselors, parents, and students themselves. Developing the college roadmaps series with CORE has pushed EA to think deeply about the intersection of challenging data acquisition, rigorous statistical modeling, engaging and intuitive reporting, and effective and efficient rollout of reporting at a large scale. Prioritizing tools that communicate the information that students (and their families) need to know to reach their postsecondary goals is deeply aligned to EA’s mission of using data to improve student outcomes. In response to the shifting educational landscape brought about by COVID, this mission--and projects like the college roadmap series in pursuit of that mission--become more important than ever to ensure equitable access to actionable information for all youth."

Chief Solutions Officer