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We work with the largest education systems in the country, small districts brought together through regional offices of education, state departments of education, leading research institutions and universities, charter management organizations, and fellow non-profit organizations. In each partnership, we bring what we’ve learned across our partners to co-build the right solution. We enjoy collaborating with these organizations to support the success of the millions of students they serve.

The South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) is uniquely committed to providing value to South Carolina school districts while serving its oversight duty as a state agency. In this, our partnership [with SCDE] is emblematic of EA's own mission and values, wherein we build systems and analytics with the driving intent to support educators and students. We are grateful for all our relationships with SCDE and district staff and the positive student impact we can achieve together.

Development Strategist at Education Analytics

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We want to empower you to be informed and discerning data consumers. We get excited about the work we do and are enthusiastic about the changes it can bring to education.