Teachers already have access to many data sources and platforms, but they often need to manually combine information for instructional planning.

The Rally Analytics Platform, developed by Education Analytics in collaboration with the South Carolina Department of Education and CORE Districts, bridges the gap between data access and data action. It reduces the time burden for educators by combining multiple data sources, enabling them to quickly identify academic content to focus on, and linking to resources to support the content.

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The Rally Analytics Platform provides actionable well-being and academic data, combined with predictive analytics and classroom management tools, for teachers to better understand their students’ paths to success.


Classroom and student data displays for teachers and principals:

  • Historical and recent student academic performance on summative and interim assessments

  • Survey results of students’ personal well-being and learning environment

  • Estimates for where students would have scored if tested in Spring 2020, based on historical data

  • Continuously updating predictions of where students will score on interim and state assessments

Resources and classroom management tools for teachers:

  • Grade-level resources aligned to state standards to support teaching concepts and skills that students need most

  • Student grouping feature to facilitate differentiation around specific needs

  • Notebook for educators to store reflections on student progress and share notes with others who have access to the student’s record

Why Rally?

In the wake of school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, EA and our partners wanted to support educators for reflecting on and planning to support students’ academic and well-being needs, which may have changed or intensified by recent disruptions in learning. The Rally Analytics Platform was developed in close collaboration with CORE Districts and the South Carolina Department of Education. Rally is a collaborative initiative between EA, school districts, state education agencies, non-profit partners, and design and curriculum content specialists.

The platform was developed through a teacher-centered design process to include functionalities that provide the most value to teachers and are intuitively useful. That process yielded a set of transformative tools in the hands of teachers so they can take a holistic approach to students’ individual needs. Rally features will continue to develop as educators use the platform and engage with their data and students.

I believe that Rally will be critical in further understanding the stories of our students. It provides teachers that opportunity to create that classroom community and to build upon the values and attributes our students already have and to capitalize on it for them, and with them. So I think teachers will be able to see all the assets that our students bring to school and understand their struggles.

Assistant Superintendent, K-12 School Performance & Culture, Santa Ana Unified School District

Let's Rally!

If your school district or state education agency is interested in making the Rally Analytics Platform available to your educators, reach out to rally@edanalytics.org to schedule a guided demo of the platform and learn more about how you can participate.