Stadium is EA's data warehouse product that puts all your data in the lead, with the support you’d expect from your home field crowd. Working with your unique (yet standardized) data, Stadium enables analytics, research, and dashboards that turn data points into insights for your game plan.

Flexible and expandable, Stadium adapts to your data. It integrates seamlessly with StartingBlocks or any Ed-Fi API, and it can be hooked up to Podium or other dashboard tools to give you a home field advantage.

What is Stadium?

Stadium is a managed data warehousing service built on Ed-Fi. It is an analytics solution for education agencies that have implemented Ed-Fi, and now are ready to use the data in Ed-Fi for analytics, research, and data visualization. Stadium can be set up in a matter of days, to get you started right away with using Ed-Fi data for analytics, but we can also configure and extend Stadium for your agency’s unique needs.

To get started, all you need is an Ed-Fi ODS with data in it. If you don’t have this yet, click here to learn more about StartingBlocks as an option.

What we offer:

  • Set up and maintenance: We deploy Enable Data Union code in a cloud environment that we set up and maintain for you.
    • This creates a system for your agency that pulls data from your Ed-Fi API on a schedule, loads it into a data warehouse, and transforms the data into an analytics-friendly star schema data warehouse.
  • Security management: We work with your information security team to align on a security management plan for the cloud database.
    • Some options include SSO integration and network IP access restrictions
  • Documentation: We provide an agency-specific documentation and data lineage website
  • Support: We provide help with troubleshooting data issues, ensuring data pipelines are running smoothly, and answering questions from users.
  • Customization: We develop additional code to extend and customize Stadium to your agency’s needs, including:
    • Integrating additional data sources
    • Calculating metrics inside the data warehouse
    • Building tables to support reporting or research applications

Technical details:

An implementation of Stadium will have the following components:

  • An AWS environment running Apache Airflow with pre-populated DAGs that:
    • Pull data from Ed-Fi API(s) on a configurable schedule

    • Trigger dbt (data build tool) runs in the data warehouse on a configurable schedule

  • An S3 bucket used as a data lake to stage the raw data

  • A cloud data warehouse with a queriable dimensional data model

  • An implementation repository hosted on Github that contains all of the configuration and customization for your agency’s implementation
    • Additional Airflow DAGs that integrate custom data

    • Additional dbt models that integrate data or produce metrics

Most users of the system will not need to concern themselves with these behind-the-scenes technical details. For analysts, BI developers, or researchers, Stadium will be a database they can connect to and request data from. These users will also be able to access documentation, quality control tests and tables, and data lineage graphs.

Stadium is a hosted product that implements Enable Data Union code. You can learn more about Enable Data Union here.

“Working with Education Analytics to implement an Ed-Fi data warehouse has quickly increased our team’s ability to work with data from Ed-Fi. Their Stadium product has enabled us to better leverage the data in our Ed-Fi ODS and turn those data into actionable insights that will serve the students in Boston.”

Senior Executive Director of Data and Accountability, Boston Public Schools

Six Edtech products earn project unicorn interoperability certification

Stadium recently earned InnovateEDU's Project Unicorn Interoperability Certification, awarded to products that support data interoperability, or the seamless, secure, and controlled exchange of usable data between applications. This certification helps school districts and educators recognize vendors with a commitment to better informing instruction and driving student-centered learning experiences by providing a clear market signal of the product's support for interoperability.

Introducing Enable Data Union, an open framework for analytics and data warehousing with Ed-Fi data

Enable Data Union (EDU) is open software for an Ed-Fi data warehouse solution and a community we are developing to share ideas, experiences, and code among education agencies. Stadium is a hosted version of this product provided by Education Analytics. In this blog, we highlight why this solution is needed, describe our philosophy around its development, and provide details on the EDU and Stadium products.

The Ed-Fi Alliance Recognizes Educational Analytics' Product, Stadium, as the 2022 Solution of the Year

The Ed-Fi Alliance, a nonprofit organization and community of educators, technologists, and advocates solving the data challenge in education, today announced the recipients of its sixth annual Community Awards. Education Analytics' Erik Joranlien was recognized as Technical Contributor of the Year, and Education Analytics' Stadium product was recognized as Solution of the Year.

Interested in Getting Involved in EDU?

To get involved with the EDU community or for a free demo of the Stadium product, send us an email at or click on the "Contact Us" button.