How Ed-Fi Can Help You Make the Most of Your Data

Ed-Fi is a set of technologies that use the Ed-Fi Data Standard, a set of rules that establish a unified structure for K-12 educational data. This standard is helpful for connecting and combining data from different educational data systems that otherwise would be difficult (if not impossible) to bring together. Districts and states use many different tools and platforms for storing and managing data, including student information systems, financial software, rostering tools, assessment platforms, behavior management systems, curricular materials, and more. Ed-Fi technology helps those different systems more seamlessly connect to each other and to other tools, which makes districts’ and states’ work with data less costly, less time consuming, and less prone to errors.

This resource provides guidance for education agencies that are beginning to consider whether and how they might implement Ed-Fi to better manage their data. We define some key terms and concepts, walk through the five steps to get started with Ed-Fi, and include a list of resources where you can learn more.

Download the resource here