Missing Data Guide & Webinar

The lack of standardized assessments in Spring 2020 and ongoing school closures due to COVID-19 have presented unique challenges around data availability and data quality for Education Analytics’ state and school district partners. For many state and local education agencies, the absence of Spring 2020 assessment data and limited 2019-20 attendance data significantly impacted—and continues to impact—existing dashboards and analytics used by educators and decision-makers. To support our partners in navigating this reality, we developed a systematic approach for investigating the impacts of missing data and making adjustments to account for data limitations. We created this summary to offer a case study to education agencies that may be having their own conversations about the technical implications of missing data. More broadly, our goal is to contribute to the education community’s evolving understanding of best practices around addressing missing data to support thoughtful decision-making and to improve student outcomes.

Download the guide here

Watch the webinar below: