Education Analytics conducts research and develops rigorous analytics that support actionable solutions and drive continuous improvement in American education. We help our partners make better decisions on policies and programs that lead to success for all students.

Our Guiding Principles

At EA, we work closely with our partners to illuminate patterns in data that drive change. We believe that the right data and analytics delivered at the right time can help increase equity in education.


Ours is a culture of respect for the exchange of ideas and recognition of what others bring to the table. Partnership is standard operating procedure at EA, both inside our walls and in the world at-large.


Before there can be equality, there must be equity. We use data and analytics to help districts understand what each student needs to be successful.


We are passionate and deeply committed to making the education system work for each and every student. Ambitious? Yes. Worth the effort? 100%.


What we do only matters if we’re doing it to benefit actual humans. So whether we’re talking about intentions, experiences, or outcomes, EA is focused on having a positive, ongoing impact on real people and their daily lives.


We're committed to the continual improvement of not only our analytics, but to our processes, internal culture, and selves. Looking for ways to do better is a foundational part of the culture here at Education Analytics.


We don't do the expedient thing, we do the right thing. That means we hold our qualitative and quantitative inquiries and conclusions to the highest methodological standards.

we’re collaborators who love a good puzzle

Our work makes your work easier with data-informed recommendations that take the guessing out of important decisions. We’re here to help you and your stakeholders get the most out of analyzing data.

We want to help you:

  • Ask the right questions when developing metrics.
  • Add advanced analytics capabilities to your district or state.
  • Bring objectivity to processes and systems that are sometimes clouded by subjectivity.
  • Advocate for meaningful change.

EA plays a unique role in public education - working closely with districts and state education agencies, policymakers, practitioners, and companies that are on the cutting edge of education technology.

Senior Director of Program Operations at Education Analytics

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We want to empower you to be informed and discerning data consumers. We get excited about the work we do and are enthusiastic about the changes it can bring to education.