What is the EA Internship Program?

EA’s internship program brings together interns from all teams with the aim of providing enriching work experiences and professional development opportunities. Throughout the summer, interns can expect to learn more about EA and non-profit work, participate in professional development seminars, lead individual projects, collaborate with other team members, and take part in a final project and presentation surrounding their summer internship work. Hear from previous interns about their internship projects and the internship program at EA by checking out these two blogs, “Insights from the 2023 Internship Cohort,” and “The History and Impact of the Internship Program at EA.”

What internship opportunities does EA provide?

Each summer, we open a number of internship positions on teams across our organization. Interns have the opportunity to work in areas like data analysis, education policy, software development, communications, project management, human resources, accounting, and more.

How do I apply for EA internships?

You can find all internship opportunities, as they are available, on the page, “Careers at EA.” This page will show you all active internship postings and the internship application. Internship applications will be posted to our "Careers at EA" page and various job boards in January.

I was thrilled to learn about EA’s focus on supporting diverse, often under-represented student populations and its commitment to building a team with a breadth of educational experiences. I was also excited about the opportunity to work closely with the full-time analyst staff at EA, and to build my programming, statistical, and technical communication skills.

2023 Research Analyst Intern

What will the work be like? What kinds of projects can I expect to participate in?

All EA interns will have the opportunity to work on their own independent project. In addition to their independent project, some of the skills interns might learn and the projects they may work on include:

  • Learn/build coding and data analysis skills and contribute to analyst projects
  • Learn about the professional application of software engineering skills
  • Learn/engage in broader development architecture
  • Participate in the policy and analytics landscape
  • Develop partner relationships
  • Learn process mapping and improvement and create process improvement reports
  • Participate in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work
  • Conduct change management research
  • Play a key role in facilitating and documenting empathy interviews with key project staff
  • Support the pilot and implementation of several new project processes
  • Co-develop templates and checklists to be piloted to improve project implementation
  • Create content for social media channels

What can I hope to take away from this internship experience?

Throughout the internship, interns can expect to learn more about EA and non-profit work in general, partake in professional development opportunities, gain 1:1 mentoring, collaborate with other interns and team members, network with other professionals, and gain hands-on, skills-based experience related to their industry. Additionally, interns will also have the opportunity to participate in EA’s annual Summer Week in Madison, WI, with travel and housing being covered by EA.

I enjoy the people I work with and the work environment at EA because we have so much variety in our work on the Analyst team. There are always opportunities to work on new things or try new projects, so I knew I was going to have a super valuable experience here as a returning intern.

Current Analyst Intern

What is the work culture like at EA?

EA is a driven, creative, collaborative, honest, and open organization. We actively work to promote a welcoming environment and foster a sense of belonging for employees of all identities through our policies and programs. The culture at EA is respectful, cooperative, and kind. We want to see everyone succeed and employees will frequently reach out to others to check in and offer support if needed. We recognize that our staff enter with differing needs and that a workplace structured with difference in mind better serves us all.

Are the internships remote or onsite in Madison, Wisconsin?

We offer in-person, hybrid, and remote internships, depending on the team needs. Modality is at the discretion of each team, so please read the job description in order to find out whether an internship is either in-person or remote. In-person and hybrid interns will work at our offices in Downtown Madison and will receive a housing stipend to assist in finding and securing housing for the summer, while remote interns will work from a location of their choosing within the US (no stipend offered). All equipment will be provided to all interns for the summer regardless of modality.

Interested in working for EA?

Check out our Careers page for current opportunities to join our team!