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We shine a light on our partners, the work we've done across the country, and insights from our team members.

What are we missing? The impact of COVID-19 on educational data quality and availability

Guidance for identifying key questions and next steps for limited or missing educational data due to COVID-19

Building a multi-source analytics database to support teachers during COVID-19

When COVID-19 temporarily shuttered school buildings across the country in spring 2020, EA's analytics engineers sprang to action building a platform that teachers could use to learn about their new students in fall 2020. We describe how our data engineering team created the data infrastructure for the Rally Analytics Platform, an equity-focused and action-oriented dashboard that reports student well-being and academic data.

Why data security is fundamental to EA's mission

When companies work with data of any kind, data security is immensely important. When those data consist of individual student data, data security takes on a heightened level of importance. This blog summarizes EA’s fundamental beliefs about data security and privacy, plus what tools and strategies we use to adhere to those beliefs day in and day out.

Findings from Education Analytics identifies learning lags in California and South Carolina since COVID

Student data expert, Education Analytics (EA) released data today on the changes in learning patterns students in grades 3-8 in California and South Carolina have experienced as a result of school closures and remote learning due to COVID-19. The research report includes information from California and South Carolina, which are two states part of the Rally Analytics Platform.

Education Analytics announces commitment to connected data to support students and teachers

Education Analytics, a mission-driven non-profit that uses data and analytics to improve outcomes for students and the education system, announced today that they are the latest recipients of the Ed-Fi Managed ODS/API Platform Badge.