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Education Analytics appoints Andrew Rice as CEO, Robert Meyer as Founder & Chief Research Officer, and Sean McLaughlin as COO

Education Analytics, a mission-driven non-profit that uses data and analytics to improve outcomes for students and the education system, is excited to announce that effective November 1, 2021, Andrew Rice has been appointed as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Robert Meyer, who has served as President and CEO since EA was founded in 2012, will step into the role of Founder & Chief Research Officer and will remain President of the Board. Sean McLaughlin, previously the Vice President of Products and Services, is now serving as Chief Operating Officer.

Beyond test scores: How one educator preparation program is improving students' attendance

We analyzed how New York City teachers from the Relay Graduate School of Education influenced students’ attendance. We found that Relay teachers had positive, statistically significant impacts on students’ attendance, especially for students from historically marginalized backgrounds.

Using Shiny to enhance the interpretation and utility of educational data

Making data useful and engaging is one of the most important aspects of our work at EA. This blog discusses reactive data displays, called Shiny dashboards, and showcases several features that make Shinys helpful to education stakeholders and data analysts alike.

Crafting multiple-measures systems for recognizing teacher effectiveness in Texas

In response to the Texas House Bill 3 passed in 2019 establishing funds to recognize and retain teachers, Texas school districts have been building multiple-measures systems to identify their most effective teachers. Here we describe several common challenges districts face while building these measures in a robust and valid way, and outline potential solutions to address them.

The road to recovery: What last year’s data can tell us about next year’s plans

With the 2020-21 school year in the rearview mirror, now is the opportunity to take a breath and turn our attention to how we want to approach the upcoming school year to maximize recovery.

What are we missing? The impact of COVID-19 on educational data quality and availability

Guidance for identifying key questions and next steps for limited or missing educational data due to COVID-19