Illuminations and Insights

We shine a light on our partners, the work we've done across the country, and insights from our team members.

Insights from Research & Tech Leaders from the 2023-24 School Year

This year has seen remarkable advancements in educational technology poised to change teaching, learning, and research in education. In this blog post, we gather insights from five leaders at Education Analytics who have experienced these changes alongside our educational partners. From emerging trends in data use to how educators are making use of data in their classrooms, these leaders share their perspectives on the most influential developments in education.

Making Privacy Paramount: The Steps Behind EA’s Security Certification Success

As a non-profit, data are something we protect, not something we own. Since Education Analytics’ inception, we have been committed to using the most up-to-date and advanced technology and industry practices to ensure the continued security of the data entrusted to us by our partners, including school districts and states. To put our philosophies around data security and privacy into practice, we have pursued three certifications as an organization that highlight our commitment towards leading the K-12 education industry when it comes to data security and privacy. In this blog, we highlight those three certifications – SOC2, TX-RAMP, and IS0 27001.

Day in the Life: Q&A with Technical Delivery Lead Shane Jay Fairbairn

Get to know Technical Delivery Lead Shane Jay Fairbairn in the latest blog for our Day in the Life series. In this blog, Shane discusses their role on the Partner Strategy team, their involvement with our Ed-Fi enabled product stack, what they find most meaningful about their work at EA, and more.  

Key Takeaways from Tech Congress 2024

Every year the Ed-Fi Alliance hosts its Technical Congress to bring together individuals from across the ed tech community, including data scientists, chief architects, IT application developers, software engineers, educational technology developers, and more. This year, we had the amazing opportunity to send Education Analytics’ staff to Tech Congress to connect with school districts, ed tech leaders, and current and potential partner organizations. In this blog, EA staff share what they took away from their time at Tech Congress 2024.

Day in the Life: Q&A with Accountant II Kiki Moritsugu

In this blog, Accountant II Kiki Moritsugu discusses her role on the Finance team, what skills she utilizes in both her career as an accountant and as an actor/performer, what interested her in working at EA, and more.

Day in the Life: Q&A with Director of Product & Development Operations Regan Vanden Boogard

In this blog, Director of Product & Development Operations Regan Vanden Boogard discusses her role in product development work at EA, what skills she utilizes in her position, the most rewarding aspects of her position, what she does for fun outside of work, and more.